What We Do As Your Asset Managers

Our role is overseeing your property performance with the goal of enhancing value and maximizing return.  Our role does not consist of a single activity that takes place at a discrete moment in time.  It will take place over the life cycle of your project. 

Our role is about maintaining and creating value for you.  We blend both a "big picture perspective" and a "hands-on" approach to day-to-day operational issues and decision-making.  We do this for you through an efficient balance of budgeting, expense analysis & control along with market awareness.  We engage with you and provide a huge level of transparency during the life cycle of the project with weekly or monthly reporting procedures in conjunction with precise and accurate detail which is submitted to the relevant stakeholders. 

Based on these various factors we determine ways to increase the profitability or mitigate the losses of the development under our stewardship. We take a pragmatic approach, recognizing that the property under our control represents a significant investment. It is our responsibility to create a plan for the development which establishes realistic achievable goals.


We closely monitor & report the financial performance of the project and possess an “internal audit mentality,” checking that all costs are justified and strictly controlled. We are charged with providing an enhanced value to a project, , analysing and making decisions / recommendations regarding the development in accordance with market trends and conditions.

In short, Rocktop Asset Management oversees the development / investment as if it was their own.

"Over The Past 13 Years Rocktop Asset Management Has Maintained Average Annual Returns On Each Real Estate Investment Of 7.5% Gross On Capital Employed By Its Private Investors"